Make a Difference

You Can Make a Difference

If you are anything like me you would have experienced at some stage in your life, the overwhelming feeling you don’t make a difference. You may have resigned yourself to that fact and just conformed to the unreasonable expectations placed upon you from every day life. just standard run of the mill stuff like

  • Your Job
  • Your Family
  • Your Friends
  • Social media
  • Councillors
  • Work associates
  • the News
  • Your Government
  • Total Strangers

and the list could go on forever but that is not what I am rambling about. My point is at many times in my life I had felt like I just didn’t make a difference and if I disappeared no-one would notice.This is so not the mindset anyone should have yet many millions of people around the world are feeling like they don’t make a difference rite now

You can and do Make a Difference

every day you wake up and take another breath, interact with people you Make a Difference no matter what we do in life we have made a difference in some way, it is just the media and the internet seem to resonate toward the more profound,big impact,life changing events that make a difference and some-times we can get lost in all the hype and glitter of this expectation and start to become blind to our own actions which really make the biggest difference of all.

So why do I say we make a big difference and why should you believe ?

Well because i have come from the place where I felt I wasn’t special enough to make a difference so I started to conform and not really care to much, I just seem to exist for no real apparent reason. I was a taxi driver for 20 years and even though the work conditions sucked and the pay was below the Australian minimal standard I had conformed and believed I would see the rest of my days out just driving a cab. I mean why wouldn’t I believe that was all there was for me, I was no-one special.

I was just a cab driver with no fancy degrees who was pushing 50

That was until I had a light bulb moment back in 2012 and it happened purely out of necessity really. The cost of living was going up my daughter suffered a difficult life event and we were both in the same disastrous financial situation where neither of us could afford to take care of ourselves, so we came together as mother and daughter and pooled our finances just so we could rent a reasonable house, pay the bills, put food on the table take care of her kids and all that other stuff!! you get the picture.

How did this Make a Difference

Without stating the obvious it made a big difference to me. I now was sharing the burden with others, loved ones I dearly cared about but I didn’t want them to feel as crap as I did. I didn’t want them to feel like they made no difference to any day they faced. I had to look in the mirror everyday and tell myself yes you do make a difference, maybe not to yourself but you make a difference to your family so smile and make an effort to show just how much of a difference you make.

Wow!!!!  repeating that line You Make a Difference in the mirror everyday can really empower you.

In just 6 short months I am a totally changed person. I know I make a difference and I know now that it was only me who could take those actions to make difference. I am not resigned to just drive a taxi till death, I am my own person and with enough belief and education I now know I make a big difference every single day.

 I have stepped away from mainstream beliefs and I no-longer listen to all those voices squashing me down to conform. I don’t even drive a taxi anymore I made such a big difference in just 6 months it is amazing.

So what have I been up to which made a difference. I accidentally came across people who enjoy mentoring others. Who are these people, well here are some of my favorite photos of them.


Awesome foursomeThese four boys are my Awesome Foursome, through their training and guidance I am becoming an on-line entrepreneur which has enabled me to

  • spend more time at home with family and friends.

  • Meet a whole community of real people who have felt as I once did.

  • Look for the inspiration in every day.

  • Strengthen my conviction in my own abilities and accomplish whatever I put my mind to.

Just like thisGraduation Certificate


Yes I now have my Diploma of Business and all this in just 6 short months by a 20 year veteran taxi driver who dropped out of school at the age of sixteen. So do you make a difference dam straight you do just look around you and see the little things you don’t normally see and it will all start to become clear for you to.


Search out the inspirational, motivational and moving call to action photos and news bits you can find on just normal everyday persons like you and me. look past the shiny objects like celebrity, popes, world leaders and such.  Start telling yourself everyday I do make a difference with everyday i greet I make a difference no matter how small that difference may seem I make a difference.

My life has made a difference and I can move forward in any direction I please one foot in front of the other. Be your inspiration because you do make a big difference 🙂     

Dream and "Suck it up Princess"