Against the Odds

Against the Odds an inspiring short story.

Since my introduction to the world of the internet as being more than just having an email address and social media sites like Facebook where you can go to electronically connect with people you wouldn’t normally connect with, I became fascinated with the amount of information one could access with such ease.

Yes I have like you also become aware that a mass amount of the information is utter crap, however there is also a phenomenal amount of really interesting and very useful information here as well. You just have to be prepared to spend some time wading your way through the crap.

The digital business explosion.

If you are like the thousands of people around the globe me included, over the last few years you would have noticed the shift of business becoming more streamlined shedding manual labor jobs and the introduction of freelance work from home opportunities opening up all the time. You may even be one of those people who’s position was made redundant thanks to the digital world.

So if you’re  like me you might have jumped on line and started looking to build your personal wealth as an Internet business entrepreneur, however today I am not going to get into that.

My mission today is to share with you and as many others as I can a very inspirational story about a man called Casey Wilson

Against the Odds : Casey Wilson

I love following Tony Robbins, you know the big fella who has helped millions around the world. The larger than life man who spends most of his days life coaching people from all walks of life, yep that Tony Robbins. Casey Wilson

When ever I am having a tough day and just can’t find my motivation to keep on trying I turn to Tony Robbins

Now just recently I had one of those weeks so I turned to Tony and all his free information available and I can tell you I was moved to tears. I watched a video of Tony with Casey Wilson and I felt pathetic and disgusted that I was ready to just throw in the towel so quickly.

I was so inspired by this video I have saved it to my play-list so I can watch it at a moments notice the next time I think I have a problem bigger than Mount Everest.

So without further explanation here is a short clip from this video with the link to Tony Robbins website where you can view the entire video and find out more about Casey Wilson

Tony Robbins and Casey Wilson

This is just a preview to watch the whole video go to