“Did You Know”

Did You Know ?

Did you Know the most important thing you will ever have is your health or as I like to think of it your life. The way I look at it is pretty simple really,  for me it comes down to 2 basic things my mental health and my physical health the rest of the other stuff is just emotions I feel at any given time.

My mental health is my first priority as I believe if you are not in control of a healthy mind how can anything that follows be healthy. I know what your thinking, your saying to me !! , no shit Sherlock or no you are definitely wrong there is so much more then this and well yes there is but you don’t build a house on week foundations if you want it to last, do you?

So yes for me mental health is the first order of the day as I know I need a good strong foundation and frame-work if I want to be able to enjoy all the miracles that life has to offer. I also need strong foundations to weather the storms that will blow my way as I go through life. You see the hard thing about living is we are human and we do develop relationships with people we care about, hell some of us even develop strong enough bonds with our pets that the loss of them can be just as crippling .

So I believe being focused on my mental health should take priority so I know I can weather the storms that pass through my life.

Did You Know !!!

Life can also be unpredictable and since the leaders or governments deem it necessary that everything has a monetary value, life can also be quite expensive and I am not talking luxury here I am talking just basic general life so we all need to do something to turn a dime just so we can provide for ourselves and  anyone else we wish to take care of.

So on that note  I will sign off by saying I work as well, I prefer however to work from home on a computer and so down below I have placed a short video for you all to watch that sort of gives you an idea on how I turn my pennies .

I have some more work to do and since I totally enjoy what I do for work it is not hard for me to pick up my laptop and jump right in. so have a great day, week month or even life if you do not come back to my blog and keep in mind life is complex if you dwell to much on the sub- headings. Sure up your foundations and be ready for whatever life will throw at you but most of all enjoy your life while you have it no matter what life it is because eventually death will come calling.

So on that note take care enjoy the video and no matter what you do be great doing it.  🙂

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