Dinner with a Friend

A Friend! A Meal! A Great Time

Wednesday night the 24/07/2013  me and a friend who had been staying with me decided to head out for dinner before we headed to the airport for her flight to go back home. Now I haven’t allowed myself the luxury of going out for dinner with a friend in such a long time years to be exact, so when she asked about a good place to go I was well, stumped from a personal  point of view.

Lucky for me she didn’t mind a bit of Chinese food, that I could help with as every 2 months or so I would treat myself to take- away Chinese food from a nice little place not far from home. I had never afforded myself the luxury of dinning in there but the take-away was fantastic. So I suggested the Kam Koon , well I originally I had suggested a good Thai restaurant that had rave reviews but she wasn’t overly excited about Thai food so we went with the Kam Koon Chinese Restaurant

KamKoon business card

Dinner  Experience at Kam Koon

Upon entering the Restaurant  our first impression was wow what a flash Chinese restaurant. We were greeted with a smile and hellos from the staff and lead to our seats by the waiter. I looked around and with my experience from working in hospitality I new immediately this was a fine dinning restaurant and I cringed at the thought of what this was going to cost. The restaurant was elegantly furnished with cloth tablecloths and napkins in the traditional colours of red and white. The furnishings were elegant and welcoming. We were seated and handed our menus  from our exceptionally friendly waiter. Gave him our drink order and perused the menu, so far so good, I was pleasantly surprised with the prices they weren’t as bad as I had originally assumed.

Kam Koon Dinner Review.

  • Menu well set out and easy to read
  • Table settings elegant yet practical
  • Decor excellent
  • Atmosphere warm comfortable and friendly with perfect lighting
  • Food traditional and well priced
  • Food serving size ample for the hungriest of appetites. Served hot and in a timely manner.
  • Price very reasonable. 2 people 2 entrees, 3 main meals, 1 bowl of rice, 2 desserts and 4 drinks 2 take-away containers for all we couldn’t eat 🙂 $108.00 happy with that
  • Would I recommend the Kam Koon Chinese Restaurant most definitely
  • Will I be going back for another dine in experience.” Oh Yes 4 Sure
  • So what star rating do we give the Kam Koon Chinese Restaurant

5 star rating

So here are some Quick snaps we took with a mobile phone of our dinner experience

Inside KamKoon

Fish Tank on wall So Cool

KamKoon interior

Toward the bar area

A Digital wall picture in KamKoon

Large back lit photo of a village in China


Inside KamKoon

I was feeling under dressed 🙂 Gr8 sunset

Entree Won-Tons

Honey Fried Won-Tons (8) $9.00


Singapore noodles

Singapore Stir Fried Noodles
(Rice Vermicelli) $20.90

Lemon Chicken

Boneless Lemon Chicken $18.90

Main meal satay beef

Satay Beef $18.90


deep fried icecream

Deep Fried Ice-Cream $2.90 each                                                  

table of meals

We had all entree’s and mains come out in short intervals

So for a wonderful taste bud delight and dinning experience stop by Kam Koon Chinese Restaurant. Relax in the lavishly elegant stylish surrounds and be prepared to be catered to. If you would like to visit their online website here is the link

http://www.kamkoon.com/Kam Koon website