A Sweet Little Miracle

Brennagh McKay is Sweet Miracle   

a smiling child

I would like you to meet this sweet little miracle who is so dear and near to many. This beautiful little miracle is Brennagh she is just on 7 years old and was born with Trisomy 18 also known as Edwards Syndrome and associated with medical complications that are potential life threatening. Trisomy 18 is something that will not be cured and can only be managed by doctors and hospitals. T18 will continue to ravage Brennagh’s body constantly causing complications that could take her life away at any time.

Miracles come in small packages

Recently Brennagh McKay suffered just some of those complications and after several surgeries and a spell on life support in a coma this feisty little girl is awake yet her mum tells us she is not complaining and shows a strength and courage that many who have the pleasure of being apart of Brennagh’s day to day life have grown to admire and love.

Brennagh is a true cute as a button inspiration who shows qualities of strength and courage many of us have long since lost in our day to day lives.

We can help this sweet Miracle and Her Family!!!!

So why am I here,? … well let me give you a little background. 9 months ago I joined a fantastic educational platform called the Six Figure Mentors and it was in this fabulous community I had the privilege to meet Kathleen McKay,  mum of 6 kids just quietly. Now Kathleen never burdened any of us with her day to day struggle raising her family and full- time caring for Brennagh. Kathleen is one of those strong beautiful people who always has a smile and words of encouragement and is an inspiration to all that know her. I think Kathleen is just amazing and some times I feel very small in comparison to this mighty woman’s big heart. So when I found out just a couple of days ago about the struggle Kathleen and Brennagh were facing I just new I had to do something to help.

Distance will not stop me from helping this sweet little Miracle.

Since I live in Australia and Brennagh’s family live over in New Zealand I wanted to come up with a way to help. So thanks to the fantastic marketing skills and training I have already learnt within the six figure mentors I started thinking along the lines of business. Now we all like to make money in business for ourselves don’t we and that’s exactly why I joined the six figure mentors to learn valuable skills to position myself better for a financially secure life.

The Start of my Campaign begins Now.

So I had set up my Face Book Fan Page to introduce my world class Aloe Vera products to the world and was just starting my first introduction campaign  Flawless by Sonya.

Then Brennagh’s struggle came to my attention

brennagh in ICU

My heart just went out to Brennagh and her mum Kathleen and I have decided that since this little normally smiley miracle is going to need many hours of medical care going from hospital to hospital the best way I can help is financially.

Brennagh getting a cat scan

So with the opening of my One Stop Aloe Shop Internet based retail store I will be dedicating all profits from the sale of our health and beauty products to Brennagh’s family to help bring back Brennagh’s smile and hopeful ease some of the stress off this inspiring young family.

Brennagh and mum






You Can Help Brennagh To…!!!!

One Stop Aloe Shop stock quality aloe Vera products from Forever Living and all the products can be purchased through my storehttp://onestopaloeshop.flp.com

All our products are of the highest quality and range from Aloe Drinks through to a wonderful skincare and cosmetics range

We have moisturizers, perfumes, spa packs, deodorant and even toothpaste, after shave, lip balms and even a washing liquid. I could fill many lines listing all our products but you get the picture. Here is how you can help because with every  product purchase over the next 6 weeks through my online store the profit will go towards the Bring Back Brennagh’s smile campaign. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Bottle of Aloe Berry Nectar

Now I no we all get set in our ways and just slip to the local store and grab what ever we pick up but now you have the chance to rise up and help a little 7 year girl and her family have a little less financial stress through this hard struggle. You have the power to help change lives just by purchasing a product you use every day and at the same time you to will benefit by not only knowing you helped raise a little money for a little girl but you get the benefit of a top notch Quality Aloe Vera based product that you can”t purchase in store. All our products come with a money back guarantee and customer service from real people.

So pop on over to the Facebook page One Stop Aloe Shop for more info and great updates on how the campaign is going   http://www.facebook.com/onestopaloeshop leave a comment drop some love and wishes to Brennagh and her family.

You can find out more info about the benefits of aloe vera  on this website   http://onestopaloeshop.com

We can as a group of compassionate human beings make a big difference in this little sweet miracles life 

Thank You 

Love and Hugs to you Bren from across the ocean Smile again soon

Bren sitting in a chair

Brennagh McKay