The Power Of Love

Many things have Power but nothing like “The Power of Love” between a Mother and Child

The power of love is a well versed subject and many of us have our own views on this subject no doubt but it has been the power of love that has had me absent from blogging on my site. The power of love between a mother ( Kathleen Mckay ) and her beautiful strong but terminally ill daughter  ( Brennagh Mckay )

Brennagh and mum

Kathleen and Brennagh August 2013

I really should have been more disciplined and been here sooner to update you all on just how the Power of Love has been working for these 2 inspirational girls Kathleen and Brennagh. I have been slack and distracted since the last post A Sweet Little Miracle 

a smiling child





The Power of Love can Bring Us Together

I don’t know about you but until I met Kathleen and Brennagh I was just plodding along thinking life had given me a short straw that I really didn’t deserve but through the Power of Love between these 2 beautiful girls and all the hundreds of people who have come together to help I more then ever believe in the Power of Love between people and the difference we can make in  each others lives just by showing a little bit of love.

Katheleen and Brennagh even though they are still in Hospital and haven’t made it home yet are just a true ball of love. Their smiles light up any room and I was blessed the day I met them both. They never complain about their difficult situation and are always so giving and inspirational through it all. Kathleen and Bren have brought a community together and opened the eyes of so many of us who had no idea what Trisomy 18 was and just how quickly it was taking the lives of so many children away from their loving family, leaving a hole that will never be filled again without Love from others who understand.

I will end this blog with some shares of photos from the past few months of the many people brought together by one little girl and one beautiful mum 🙂

brennagh opfundraising for Brennagh









Fundraising for Brennagh3fundraising for Brennagh2