Merry Christmas

Well here we are almost at the end of another year. We are all getting ready to wish people a Merry Christmas and enjoy some good cheer. My how quickly my years has gone and I have learnt so much throughout the year but boy oh boy I sure am glad it’s Christmasxmas

Christmas time is such a nice time of year with all the beautiful decorations and Christmas lights everywhere and I really enjoy the look on the faces of the kids. The laughter and joy that abounds but I can’t help but to spare a thought for those less fortunate then myself and they are the ones I wish for during Christmas, the less fortunate are the ones I wish to have a Merry Christmas to.

xmas lights

So just a short one from me today to pass on good will and happiness to everyone during this time of the Years .



Here is a very cute DIY Christmas Decoration idea for you and the kids 🙂


Here is a video for the adults from one of my favorite comedians Jeff Dunham  DunhamandAchmedinSantaHat-Retouched