The Crossword Puzzle turned 100

Crossword Puzzle – The world’s very first Turns 100 

December 21 2013 and the ever familiar brain teaser the Crossword puzzle turned 100. Arthur Wynne is the man responsible for creating the first published crossword puzzle that was published in the New York Times, unfortunately at the time it was published Wynne had no copy write or patent so as the puzzle took off, it was duplicated and copied over the Years.

I love crossword puzzle so I am grateful for Arthur Wynne and the New York times for getting the ball rolling. I am not a seasoned professional die hard crossword person but I do try my hand at a few over a cup of coffee here and there. Most times throughout the crossword I can become frustrated exasperated and lots of times had to resort to research to solve it but I personal think this is one of the beauties of the good old crossword. I accredit my research skills and patience to doing so many crossword over the time of my life

so here are some other interesting facts I found out whilst researching the history of the Crossword Puzzles historic 100th birthday. I have also shared some videos I found as well.

Arthur Wynne, inventor of the crossword puzzle, is the subject of a doodle on Google’s homepage today as it honors 100 years of crossword puzzles.


The British Wynne invented the crossword puzzle in 1913 while living in Cedar Grove, New Jersey. His puzzles would be included in the “Fun” section in the Sunday edition of the New York World. On December 21st, 1913, the puzzle was introduced with a diamond shape like this:

Arthur Wynne


Happy 100th Birthday Crossword Puzzle 100th-Birthday-BalloonPlease enjoy these videos with more interesting facts about Arthur Wynne and the humble beginnings of the Crossword Puzzle 

Facts On Arthur Wynne

So what type of Crossword Puzzles do you enjoy, Particular themes or subject matter please share with me your thoughts in the comments box below 🙂