Facebook “Call to Action”

Facebook and the New “Call to Action”

Facebook is an ever evolving social media player on the internet and in a bid to keep a hold of it’s market share has now released what is being labelled the greatest thing since sliced bread by some internet marketers out there.

So what is it and why is it creating such a buzz. Well put simply, you will now be able to ad a call to action button to your posts/status updates on Facebook and you will have a choice of a few. 

call to action buttons

What are Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons?

The appropriately named call-to-action buttons allow you to add the following CTA buttons to your ads,

  •  Shop Now
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Book Now
  • Download

Now as far as I am aware at publishing this post 13/02/2014 these Call to action buttons on posts are only available in the US but over the coming months should become available globally, but in saying this who can ever be sure of exactly what Facebook does from day to day :).

So why is this exciting and why as a marketer should you be excited. Well up until now unless you had insider knowledge or access to current up to date training and tools, not to mention a huge financial budget to play with. As a marketer on Facebook you had to do the very best you could, the whole while watching these slick operators with huge marketing budget and extensive tools and knowledge slap you around the Facebook marketing ball park.  

ball park

Now how ever with the new Call to Action button on your posts when you advertise you can make some ground and drive your avid market to offers you once were not able to; this is a very good thing for you as a marketer on Facebook and I strongly recommend you get familiarized with the new Call to Action button as soon as you can.

To assist you in this area I am sharing one of what I feel is the better blog articles written on this at the moment by Molly Pittman. 

 Facebook’s New Call-to-Action Buttons

by Molly Pittman
Facebook-call to action button


Have you seen them yet?

Facebook’s new call-to-action (CTA) buttons for ads are now available.   Our advice, jump on this tactic right now — it works.

We’ve been running tests on them this week and we’ve got results.  We’ll also show you how to set these up for yourself at the end of this article.

**NOTE: This Thursday, February 13th, we will do a live demo of these Facebook CTA Button Ads and answer all of your questions on the weekly DM Lab Office Hours call. read more here