How to Deal with Negative Sceptics

Negative Sceptics

Negative sceptics are generally people who are willing to voice their opinion on something that another person has chosen to do. How we deal with someone who is a negative sceptic is entirely up to us.

We can take on board their vocal scepticism and chose to argue with them, in the end leaving you frustrated and deflated, or we can choose to not pay them much attention at all.

People Who are Negative Sceptics are Fear Driven

For the most part It is my opinion, a person who is negative and sceptical of what you are doing, is just someone who is driven by fear and it is because of their own fears that they try their hardest to change your mind and see things their way.

negative sceptic

These types of people are not bad people and they can even be your closest family member or best friend. So how do you deal with negative opinions from someone who is sceptical of what you have chosen to do;  whether it is changing your career, buying a house or starting a business venture of your own.

Dealing with Negative Sceptics 

If you are anything like me and decided to really step outside of the norm and decided to turn to the internet to build and develop a business, so you can control your financial future, you are following your dream. You are going to be challenged by negative sceptics in all aspects of your life.

So to continue fighting and working toward your dream you will need more then just your own opinion and belief to get you through when being bombarded by the sceptic and their million and one reasons why you should quit.

You will need a supportive community of like minded people, some really great tools and resources and some really great mentors who inspire you, challenge you and hold you accountable to attaining your dreams.

Ignoring the Negative Sceptics is the path of least resistance…

When you come across a negative sceptic I suggest you just ignore them, as this will be the path of least resistance. You can  argue with them, clashing horns like 2 bulls but you will not accomplish anything positive by taking this road.


You will find that by defending your position/decision all the time to a negative sceptical person will only chip away at your belief you have in yourself and your ideas. You will eventually grow tired, give up your dreams, admitting defeat and conforming into a life that you live for others and not for yourself.

The Story of the Sower

The story of the sower is a biblical story that I came across early in my journey to build a business on-line and I am ever so grateful I came across this story. The story of the sower has made it so easy for me to just skip past all the negative sceptical people I have come across in this unusual journey into the digital economy.

So today I am going to share this story with you in the hopes it will lift you above the sharp blade of negativity. The story is told by Jim Rohn a great man in his own right who became rich by the age of 31…

Stop Chasing The Birds

Now you can stop chasing birds and get on with what’s important to you and your business.

Now I love Jim Rohn and turn to his teaching on a regular daily basis. I own this audio book and several more that I play on a daily basis for inspiration and to keep me focussed and on course to achieve my goals, maybe it will help you too.

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” Let me know about your experience in dealing with negative sceptics in your life and ways you found to get past it ”