“Suck it up Princess”

“Suck it up Princess” is my kick in the Butt…

So I guess some of you are probably thinking why use “Suck it up Princess” as a topic for an article. Well mainly because it is a term/statement that I have grown up with and used as my children were growing up.

Now whether you feel this is a derogative term or an inspirational term will all depend on you your life and your mindset, for me it is my key phrase that motivates me to do what I need to do when I really don”t feel like doing it and am considering calling an old friend called excuses to get me out of it. 

So instead of going into a complex debating argument on the term and use of “Suck it up princess” I will share a moment from my life recently, a short snippet of a morning when I spoke this phrase out loud in a tone that a mother would to a child who is being over dramatic about a tiny scrape on their knee that you can barely see 🙂 

Now to understand this short story first understand that back in 2012 in November I decided to attempt to start my own business, which by the way is doing quite nicely all things considered and on this morning  it really was not in my best interest to miss a live webinar with the Founders of this exceptionally valuable business community I became a member of to gain the training tools and support I was going to need to start my own business, particularly on-line 🙂 

My “Suck it up Princess” Morning….

Saturday 16/08/2014 in the early am

picture of the Founders call

My alarm went off at 4.30 am this morning, I had been asleep for just 2 and a half hours, I so wanted to just go back to sleep.

I sat up rubbed my face and said to myself  “Suck it up Princess” you can’t afford to miss this 2nd Founders call for the month, it’s going to be a big one, if you are  serious about your business you will not miss this.

I turned on the i-pad made 2 cups of coffee had a swig of my Aloe Juice and marched myself outside to the couch on the patio and sat in the cold, brrrr it didn’t take long for the fresh early morning air to help clear my head.

cold morning dew on car windscreen

The Founders call started and after a little tech glitch, which was fixed very quickly we were on our way and man ooooooh man was it exciting or what.

20 minutes in I had completely forgotten how tired I was and could not believe what I was hearing. Stuart and Jay were captivating with all the latest news and as I have been saying for almost 2 years now I am so grateful to have found the SFM and I compliment myself everyday for not quitting .

I am so grateful for my membership in the SFM business community, even though there were months there when I had no idea where I was going to come up with the the monthly $97 and yet I persisted on through with and never quit. I stayed away from the extremely detrimental mindset of blame and excuses which would have been easy to do as it is a learned habit from when we are very young.

The easiest thing to do in life when ever we start something is to use excuses and blame the product, institute company and anything else we can to give us an easy out so we don’t feel so bad.

2 hours the Founders call lasted and I was so excited, pumped and amped, the SFM just keeps getting better and better. 🙂 

Dream and "Suck it up Princess"So the next time you feel you want to just quit or enter the blame game to get yourself out of doing something that you know will be beneficial to you I want you to say in the most authoritative voice you can to yourself  “Suck it up Princess” and then roll up your sleeves and get to work on having the future you have always dreamed you would have.

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