Inspire In Life!!!

To Inspire In Life is to Create a Future 

Hello! I like to inspire how about you? Do you like to inspire people or perhaps be inspired by others?

I have been giving this subject Inspire In Life a great deal of thought over the past few months and I will say that I love to inspire others and more so to be inspired by others.

Now to me being inspired and inspiring others is a great source of happiness to me and helps me stay positive and motivated, it gives me hope that my future will be as wonderful as I imagined it would.

How about you, do you feel the same way when you inspire others and are inspired by others?

In my own opinion I have come to the conclusion, to inspire in life gives people back their future.

Why, do I feel this way and say this?

Well I have noticed that for far to long now that past generations have moved into a pattern of behaviour that I feel is holding back the greatness we all have inside of us. Over many generations we have stifled creativity, positivity and inspiration in others as being not normal, strange, different and non-productive in our socialistic beliefs, but why?

Is it something we have learnt from our past generation that has been handed down to us!! Should we continue to live as the past and make the same mistakes? I don’t believe we should and I also believe this is a big factor in the growing suicide rates around the world!!

I believe that because we have become so comfortable with the past, that when we have children we then teach  to live as we have done so for most of our life,  think about, really think about it.

Have you hit a Paradox in your Life?

The meaning of Paradox






Where are you in life now right now, are you at a paradox in your life of struggling to understand and  keep up with the changes around you, have you stopped learning and growing as a person since you left school because that’s what all the adults around you said you should do???

Have you reached that critical moment in your life where you don’t see a future any-more and inspiration has left you so long ago that you are yourself in fact unable to inspire!!

I never wanted my children to be clones of me and my life, making all the same mistakes and bad choices I had made. I never wanted to see them struggle for their very existence!! as I had done for so much of my teens and adult life, and yet they have and that is all I taught them  to do, it crushes me to know this, So why did I do it?? because I lost my ability to inspire and be inspired. Well that’s what I believe.

 The Future is here “Right Here Right Now”

a man choosing his future

However for that last 5 or 6 years I cannot exactly remember when or how I started to change who I was, how I perceived my world and went looking for the positives, happiness, joy and inspiration all so I could help my children, family, friends and other see that life doesn’t have to be like that, “People don’t have to live as the Past”

I live every day now with an open mind and an open heart and I strive to inspire others so they too can see their future hasn’t been lost to them. I find some way to inspire at least one person everyday and I look for at least one thing or one person that inspires me.

Life is so exciting for now and the change in me has inspired and helped my children to seek change in their lives as well. How do I know this? I will share just one story from one of my children.

My Daughters Shift from Defeated to Inspired

I have a daughter she is in her 30,s she has 2 beautiful children. My daughter walked out of High School in year nine at the tender age of 14 and refused to go back, it is irrelevant as to why she did this.

For most of her young adult life she tried to live the way me and society told her to live, her life was spiralling out of control, I felt helpless and only had the past to try and save her with but because my past was just like hers I was as about as useful as pond with no water.

She made the same mistakes I had made, chose the same abusive type partners ass I had done and by the time her first child was born she was separated, suffering depression and financially broke and so was I. We lived together to save costs that was 12 years ago.

Since then she had another child to another abusive partner and became separated and once again we moved in together and for many years we fed of each others depression negativity and mistakes, we did have the occasional good days were we lifted each other. We were slowly coming to realise we needed to change, but how?

2 years ago I joined an on-line business community to help me at least make financial change, I got so much more. I started changing, I had huge mind shift, through the personal development training in this company. I shared everything with my daughter as I felt it would benefit all us and it has in a most profound way.

My daughter had been struggling during this 2 year period with a temp job so work was not regular and she mainly worked through the school holidays. She was trying so hard to get more work another job and sometimes the knock backs would set of her depression, so I would share my self development training with her.

We have seen many massive changes within us and her children over the past 2 years, in personality, clarity of thought, work and our over-all family. We are more financially stable and our bouts of depression are few and far between.

Then out of the blue a couple of weeks ago my daughter was hired at her children’s school as a teachers aide for the reading program with the young primary age children and she was asked to fill the role at the school, she never applied for the position. My daughter had been a volunteer for the last 12 months helping out in the classroom and the school came and offered the position to her.

She is so much happier now and I am so excited for her because finally by changing the way we thought acted and lived, new doors have started to open for the both of us and I can see my daughter’s future being as full and wonderful as she chooses to make it.

No more thinking and saying that because she didn’t finish school her life will be as hard and as empty as those abusive partners had told her it would be.  “No More”

Inspire Your Own Life

I know this is hard for you to accept and according to the past you should not do for yourself as that is selfish and vain and yes I guess if you take it to far it does become that, but if you are stuck in a rut and have lost your future then I am suggesting you must first Inspire yourself in order to find your future and share that joy happiness excitement and inspiration with others,

To Change Your Life for the Better is to enable yourself to Inspire and change the lives of those around you

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Let me know in the comments your thoughts, do you agree or disagree?

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