“Christmas Time”

My Christmas Time

Christmas time for many people round the world is a special time of year. It can have many meanings for many people.

For me though Christmas Time signifies the end of another year and the progression into a New Year.  I always like to wind down and reflect on the year that has just passed me by. I reflect on events that impacted me, my feelings and do a quick check to ensure that; yes I did survive and all is well.

Christmas Tree I know this sounds shallow or maybe even narcissistic in some ways and yes I guess it could be conceived this way, if you so wish to.

The important thing to remember is as a human being you will need to have a certain level of narcissism at Christmas Time or other times through the year to ensure that you do survive, with a level of acceptance and gratitude or you will be of no use to anyone including yourself.

You have to have some level of care for yourself so you can appreciate life and be able to give thanks at Christmas Time for all the wonder that surrounds you. Without narcissism at a healthy level you will become un-grateful and thankless for everything. You will shut down the feel good emotions that make you a whole person.

So at Christmas Time yes I like to give myself some praise and be grateful for all that has transpired throughout the year.

I hope you allow yourself this ability too, so you and all those who care about you can enjoy and revel in the happy, the sad and sometimes difficult moments you have experienced throughout your year. Merry Christmas to you enjoy the warm feeling side of Christmas..

Reflect and Give Thanks:

  • Your life
  • Your family
  • Your friends
  • The strangers who stopped to help you
  • The people who gave you a smile through the year
  • The laughter
  • The tears
  • The emotions you felt
  • All that has happened in just one short year
  • Remember the life of those loved ones who have since past and give thanks for the time spent with them
  • Decorating the Christmas Tree
  • Wrapping the gifts for all those you love
  • Sharing the day with someone special
  • The Conversation and the approaching New Year

picture of a Christmas snowman decoration

This is what My Christmas Time is all about.  I give thanks for all that I have experienced, the good and the bad and am so grateful that I have arrived at the end of the year and realise I have survived.

Yes Christmas Time for me is a reflection and thank you moment for my past and a very grateful moment that I am now excited and looking forward to a whole New Year that will be filled with many events good and bad.

I will enjoy Christmas Time for all the emotions that define who I am 🙂