Children “are you paying attention”

Children, we don’t pay enough attention to them these days.

In a time a long time ago we paid attention to the children. We nurtured them, loved them and even though at times we were harsh and stern we equipped the children with skills in life that would see them continue to survive if we did die.

Sometimes I sit and ponder if the world we have created for the children today, with all our wondrous inventions is actually better for them or  leaving them vulnerable and unprepared. 

I know I am not the only one who thinks this but I do wonder if the children’s lives would not be simpler if we took away all the toys we created like Televisions, computers gaming consoles, mobile phones, i-pods, i-pads and well all that stuff.


I know these things can be used in a good way for children but by making all these gadgets so readily available to the children have we stolen the most valuable resource from them that we have “Our Time”

Paying Attention 

Are we in fact starving our beautiful children from our one on one interaction and what consequences could it have on the development of our children.

Busy dad ignoring his son

One consequence I have noticed is as adults we don’t actually pay attention to our children any-more. We seem to have become adults who assume that a child, has nothing of value to say or teach us. Yet as adults we crave the attention of the child. 

If our children don’t display affection towards us in the form of behaviour hugs and a simple I love you we immediately think there is something wrong with the children. We expect so much from them giving so little back in return.

Let Me Share a Moment from my Past!!

I am a grandmother and I live in the flat underneath my daughter and her 2 beautiful girls (my grand daughters)

I come from the old school of raising children, where discipline would see a child  flogged with a strap, cord or whatever the adult could pick up at the time. All ways across the backs of your legs or your butt. 

I have had to make a concerted effort to change in the ways I do things as this is an unacceptable way to deal with children in today’s society. To be honest I am grateful for the change and let me tell you why?

2014 Halloween. My daughter always takes her girls to the local hardware store (generally every weekend) as the hardware store puts on free arts and crafts activities for about an hour in the mornings. They supply everything for the children and parents. 

any way the weekend before Halloween weekend my daughter and the girls had been done at the arts and crafts morning.

When thy came home they excitedly came downstairs and showed me their Halloween crafts they had made and the children had done a fabulous job.

My youngest  grand daughter who was 6 at the time gave me one of her crafts with an excited proud smile saying she had made it specially for me 🙂 lol  I accepted and hung it proudly on my wall where everyone could see.

Latter that day I was chatting with my daughter about their craft time at the hardware store and  was amazed at what she told me…

The Story goes like this – The craft object the girls made was a hanging spider web with spiders in it.  see the image below.

Craft project grand daughter made

Now my youngest grand daughter enjoyed this activity so much that she had made several.

At the table of children their was a little boy who really wanted to join in the activity with the other children but his dad was in too much of a hurry and told him no not this time.

This apparently had made the little boy cry as his dad took him by the hand and kept telling him to hurry up.  

This apparently effected my little grand daughter who started to run after the boy and his dad singing out “excuse me excuse me”!  She was a bit quick for her mum and as mum followed up from behind chasing her daughter calling out her name my grand daughter had caught up to the crying boy and his dad and they had stopped.

She then handed over  one of her finished Halloween projects to the little boy, who’s face lit up. My grand daughter did not know these people and the dad looked puzzled and my daughter explained that Kaylan (my grand daughter) just does things like that sometimes.

Well bless little Kaylan and wow I thought here is a 6 almost 7 year old child teaching adults around her that it is not hard to show kindness to another person. What Leadership skills she has at such a young age in life.

 That is all I wanted to share with you today and will not ramble on even though I could say so much more.

In fact all I really want to say is this one act of kindness that my grand daughter showed on that day in 2014, just makes me realise that even though children have not lived for as long as us as adult doesn’t mean they have nothing to teach us in the realm of wisdom.

So maybe it is time we as adults started paying more attention to the children and maybe just maybe we might learn something 🙂

Mum Dad and children outside on the grass together having fun

I hope you have enjoyed a moment from my past and if so please share the story with others and let us all