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Welcome to a page about me. Hello my name is Sandra Lemming. I am a 1965 baby. I was born in the Mater children’s hospital in a place called Brisbane which is located in the state of Queensland, Australia.

Ariel view Brisbane 1965

Brisbane city has grown so much since I was born. I don’t remember a great deal of my years as a child. I have flashes from time to time. 

I do remember moving around a lot because my dad served in the Air Force and so did mum for a time. I also remember my parents splitting when I was very young. Things were to say the least volatile most of the time mum and dad were together. I remember we moved a long way from Queensland to the state of NSW during the split and we moved into my Grandparents house in a small country town. I remember my pop owned the plumbing business in town and was well liked and respected by everyone, but I never felt like I fitted in even though I was very young.

The point being I am not much different from you, I have grown through childhood and been exposed to similar educational processes. i have suffered lose of loved ones, the confusion, pain and anguish. I have also enjoyed the love and happiness relationships with other people can bring and I have suffered the stifling negative lack of drive to live and keep moving forward as I am sure most people have at stages in their lives.

I was in that phase not to long ago to be totally honest with you.

However through sheer determination, conviction and a belief in  myself through the love and care shown to me by others I have been able to pull myself back up on my feet and start moving forward again, and it is the most exciting, exhilarating and empowering feeling I have ever experienced. I can truly say that I am so in love with LIFE and the world and all the lovely people in it that I just want to sing. I jump out of bed now. I smile so much and my family home is a much more positive happy motivational place. I love it.

I could go on and on about me and my life but the most important thing people need to know about me right now is I have been empowered and now i want to go out in this world and help others empower themselves. I want to show others the love, care kindness that has given me a new sense of belief. So I am on a mission to reach out to people and offer them a caring hand, an ear to listen and the most awesome training available in society today. Welcome to about me and my new energetic life long commitment to help empower others in their journey through life.

Below is a video. My very first video with a thank you to some of the people who have helped guide me so far.

Sandra Lemming First Video ever

I hope that by learning a little bit about me and my Journey through life I have helped to some how enrich your life. I am a mum and a Nanna and I love that part of my life. I can honestly say that being a Mother and a Nanna is the one thing in my life I would not change for all the gold in the world.

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